About Me

About Me


I've had a special connection to animals since I was a small child.  One of my first memories is being 4 years old and my Dad coming home from work with a gray kitten in his hands.  I was immediately in love!  The kitten was so small and so cute.  I named him Tiger.  Tiger was with me throughout my entire childhood until my 3rd year of college.  We also had a dog, two other cats, and a rabbit.  I loved spending time with all of them.

When I graduated college and was on my own, I adopted a gray cat from the SPCA.  I named her Muffin and we had 12 years together.  I will never forget her.

My current "children" are Tango & Tillie.  They are the Maltese models on this web site.  They are the sweetest dogs and bring so much joy into my life.  Sadly, Tango passed away in November 2017 after a year battle with cancer.  Tillie and I miss him every day.

Animals have always been a big part of my life and I'm so grateful that I am able to work with them every day! 

Julie Azud 

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